HMG worked with WM Plastics (original client name) to re-engineer their market positioning and value proposition. After extensive market research, HMG helped to reposition WM Plastics from a plastic injection molding company to an integrated product development company, renaming to Novation Industries. HMG also embarked on a comprehensive rebranding project that incorporated a new logo mark, messaging, company website, corporate identity and new collateral. HMG renamed WM Plastics to Novation Industries – Novation implying “innovation” and Industries connoting “manufacturing.” A family brand strategy was developed to create an over-arching image and sub-bands were designed to promote specific areas of expertise – design, plastics, manufacturing and logistics. An integrated design concept was created that encompasses a clean, white modern appeal with repeating logo elements. We also won a design excellence and branding award for our work on the Novation rebranding.