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HMG provides demonstrated expertise and superior customer service in all areas of public relations, digital marketing, and traditional advertising. Put your brand in front of your customers utilizing our recommended advertising strategies and superior creative solutions.

Mobile & Digital
Print Media
Media Relations
[image] Media Relations

Mobile / Digital

Technology has increased the advertising mediums available to companies to reach their target markets.  New forms like paid ads, social media marketing, display/video advertising, and email marketing have made it easier to reach a broader audience or to pinpoint certain demographics.  HMG will work with you to identify the most cost-effective ways to connect the right audience to your goods and services. 

Print Advertising

Newspaper insertions, magazine ads, flyers, and other printed materials have been in existence for centuries and is still one of the most popular forms of advertising around.  HMG’s experts will work to identify which type of outbound marketing works for you to reach your target demographic to boost brand awareness to help them make that purchasing decision.

[image] Print Advertsing
[image] Print Advertsing

Radio & Display

Understanding which marketing avenues are right for your business is a crucial part of getting the most of your market budget.  We can put your brand in front of your customers who need to see it most through offline media like radio, TV, direct mail, or billboard advertising. 

Strategic Communications

HMG will coordinate with you a planned and consistent way to achieve your business objectives utilizing their demonstrated expertise and superior customer service in all aspects of communication.

[image] Strategic Communications
[image] Strategic Communications

Media Relations & PR

We will invest our time and expertise to build strong relationships while crafting engaging stories that build audience awareness and trust. From feature articles and white papers, employee communications and industry relations, to press releases and media events, we can help you get the word out.

Public Affairs

We will ensure your organization’s interests aren’t left behind.  HMG will work to influence public policy, build and maintain strong relationships and will help to create a structure for joint working and regular dialogue to run comprehensive campaigns to navigate tough policy landscapes, solve problems, and improve business outcomes.

[image] Public Affairs

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