Project Overview

After being in business for forty years, the WM Plastics legacy has provided industrial and consumer plastics manufacturing for customers nationwide. With the rebrand, the company wanted to leverage their history, while building a new image to support its renewed focus on holistic product development and its commitment to increasing national market share.

With new focus to provide comprehensive services, and an expanded offering to include front-end research, industrial design, prototyping and testing, company managers felt that a new name was needed to represent both innovative design capabilities and manufacturing expertise.

[image] Novation Industries
[image] Research and Planning

Research and Planning

A three-tier approach was used to build the company from an injection molding company to a full-service product development company by evolving their company capabilities and expanding their vision to be a full‐service product manufacturer..

A SWOT analysis and industry market research was completed to take a comprehensive look at the internal and external factors impacting the current brand and business. The discovery process drove the company’s market distinction and promise, their rebranding goals, the expanded target audience, and messaging.

HMG worked with WM Plastics to conceptualize a new company name and brand structure, including primary and sub-brand identities.

With the new company name chosen, the tasks then became providing creative visual solutions and a proper tagline.

[image] Creating Visual Solutions
[image] Creating Visual Solutions

Identity and Messaging

The mark was designed with bold, masculine shapes to depict modernization with a manufacturing flare.

The primary brand colors include an edgy green color with a more traditional “manufacturing” gray, and positioned on a clean white background. Secondary brand colors were created to position the company’s new divisions. Each color is rich yet bold and complement the primary corporate colors.

The new tag line, Manufacturing Ideas , represents a commitment to not only producing breakthrough ideas, but also to making their customer’s ideas come to life.

[image] Novation Industries Logo
[image] Taglines

Integrated Designs

Utilizing the brand identity, color palette and messaging to build a themed collection of assets that showcase the company. our team developed three integrated brand concepts.

  1. The first design option was a colorful take to emphasize the manufacturing categories’ color palette.
  2. The second design option was a darker, “industrial and manufacturing” look with greys and black backgrounds.
  3. The third utilized a white, “Apple Computer-like” clean space that provided a modern, open feel.

Ultimately, the integrated design chosen was the clean, design‐oriented “Apple” look that positioned them as an innovative product development company – inclusive of both a design-oriented look as well as a bold manufacturing feel. The last step was to design and implement the collateral that complemented the rebrand of NOVATION. This included print advertising, digital marketing, case studies, white papers, and stationary.

Website Development

The goal of the website development was to refresh the look and to reflect the new brand, while at the same time, improving the responsiveness and functionality.


  • Restructure the site map to improve the user experience and making it easier to find information.
  • Showcase their vertical markets through a separate navigation menu to target and position the right messaging for success.
  • Highlight their new strategy with an emphasis on full-service, single-point product design and manufacturing accountability.
  • Create a responsive, mobile-friendly user experience.

[image] Website Development

Novation website
Novation Website Photo Gallery
Novation Design Brochure
Novation Brand Implementation

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